1. LastPass

No more Post-Its around the monitor with your passwords scribbled on or pulling your hair out because you absolutely have not changed your password so why oh why can’t you get in and oh yep now the reset password doesn’t even work. Just pay a few quid a year for a password manager, lots are available, but we use LastPass. 

PWS love LastPass because

You can share logins without revealing the password

You can store payment cards and so much more

It’s as secure as these things can be

  1. MileIQ

It’s self-assessment time or the company year-end and your accountant asks you for your mileage for the year….

What do you do?

Go through your diary to see when you went where? Trying to remember if there was a diversion on the M6, then you tot it all up and think to yourself ‘I’m sure I did more miles than that…’

Give yourself a break and get an app that calculates your mileage for you with the time, start and stop all recorded automatically. Plus it sends the report to your email for easy upload to your bookkeeping system.

PWS love MileIQ because

It has Drive Detection technology

It’s a freemium app

You can tag drives to classify between businesses

  1. LinkTree

One Link that contains all your Links! What do we mean? Well put simply, your LinkTree Url is the launchpad to wherever you want to send your audience; your latest video, article, investment pack, store, website, social post – everywhere you are online. Simple and visual and free.

PWS love LinkTree because

It’s a freemium app

It’s super simple to use 

You can direct people where you want them to go

  1. PropertyLog

Available as a Chrome Extension Property log adds an extra box to RightMove property listings to show when price changes have happened and what the changes were. A must-have tool for property investors.

PWS love PropertyLog because

It’s free

It gives you knowledge

  1. Zapier

Zapier is a really exciting application. It’s like the middle man between all your other apps, connecting them together to make your life easier. If computery stuff is not really your thing, this might be a step too far but for the rest of us, dive in and see how Zapier can automate your life.

Workflow automation allowing the small property investor to act like a giant. 

PWS love Zapier because

It connects over 3000 apps

Automates and streamlines

It’s a freemium service

  1. Blinkist

We all know the importance of continual learning, but sometimes we lack the time or inclination. Blinkist, for a price of £59.99 annually,  wraps up the best selling non-fiction books in 15 min sound bites. You can read or listen and be inspired.  If you love the sound of the book you can always grab the full version another time. 

PWS love Blinkist because

Always be learning!

At 15 mins a book – there is NO excuse!

  1. Podcasts

Spotify, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts or Stitcher, whichever is your platform of choice make sure you subscribe and listen to This Property Life. A show that talks to ordinary property investors about their highs, lows and all the things in between. Look out for the special edition Panel Shows in which a group of experienced investors get together to take a deep dive into a specific property topic with invaluable, real-life advice from guest panellists. No gurus. No big egos. Just life-changing success achieved by real people.

PWS love This Property Life because

No egos, no gurus

Real-life property stories

The good the bad and the brilliant of today’s property market

  1. DropBox

Not just Dropbox, equally as good are many others like GoogleDrive, One Drive, iCloud. As property investors we are out and about, on-site, at viewings, meeting investors. We need our office at our fingertips and putting your business in the cloud is mandatory so you can work anywhere with the info you need.

PWS love Dropbox because

Instant access to all your stuff wherever you are

Smart Sync doesn’t clog up your storage space

Collaborative working

  1. Xero

Bookkeeping made simple. Intuitive and powerful, Xero is the bookkeeping choice for property investors and really all small businesses. Loved by accountants as much as business owners, Xero makes a task most people hate quicker and easier. Whilst also giving you insightful knowledge about how your business is running.

PWS love Xero because

You can set up profit and loss by property/project

It integrates to so many things

  1. Clubhouse

Android users can now join the audio drop-in social network that is Clubhouse. Listen, talk, learn, whatever takes your fancy at the time. 

You can join the investors at The Property Wealth System and find out what our property chat is all about.

PWS love Clubhouse because

It’s new and exciting

Chatting or Listening, do whatever floats you


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