Your Beginning in The Property Wealth System

Welcome to the Property Wealth System. Get ready to discover your future in property, through a tried and tested system that immerses you in the property investment industry, follow the system and you will soon be investing like a professional to achieve your personal goals and create your version of wealth. You will have to put the hard graft in, it will not just happen and the road ahead will be full of challenges but with the experience and knowledge of the PWS team it will be an easier road to follow.

The Property Wealth System are committed to enabling positive change for you through real-life property investment. No hype, no gurus. Plenty of knowledge, network and experience. 

Regardless of age, education, background or experience, the property education and personal mentoring that are on offer through Property Wealth System will bring you to the next level, wherever your start point is.  

Our Property Wealth System Founders

Our Property Wealth System founders are a collective of experienced property investors from around the UK each of whom employs extensive and diverse strategies. 

We recognised the need to help students not just attend a property course but have the practical skills and the confidence to go to the market and invest in property, safely. There are no guru’s here, simply put, we are normal folk from all walks of life, actively investing and trading in property and we want to share that knowledge and mindset with you. 

Our system network includes not just our mentors and trainers but also industry experts; mortgage brokers, solicitors, accountants, insurance professionals to name just a few. 

Our founding members whilst quietly investing in property over the last decade or so have also been internationally recognised as some of the UK leading professionals through work with brands such as Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad. All of our trainers are a result of the wealth system you too could experience and we look forward to finding out more about you.

Education For All

From over a decade of sharing this system with new investors, there is one thing we have learnt; everyone is different. 

We all start from different places and on the surface, we all want to achieve different things. The one constant that we have always found is that those who have a strong ‘why’ and are deeply connected to it will combine the system we teach you with the action that is needed and that is when the real magic happens.

Not everyone has an articulated why, many investors in property simply want a secure future for their family and to have the freedom of time to follow their true passions in life. To fulfil the potential, they know lies within themselves.

One of the great privileges we’ve had over the years is investors sharing their ‘whys’ with us. People are amazing and the individual challenges everyone has overcome never ceases to inspire us all. 

Any change in life comes for a reason and that reason, that true underlying ‘why’ is the thing that will drive you forward.