Should I pay off my mortgage early?

It seems to be many people’s goal in life to retire by having a pension and paying off your mortgage. Then you can kick back and enjoy life with no

Crowdfunding Property investments

Many property investors have realised, and more are still realising, that property crowdfunding can pay huge dividends. It can be fast, lucrative, and you can charge a 12.5% management fee

How Does Rent-to-Rent Work?

Rent-to-rent is one of the strategies that anyone can apply, even if you have bad credit or no starting capital. For that reason, both new and experienced investors are highly

Top Apps For Property Investors

LastPass No more Post-Its around the monitor with your passwords scribbled on or pulling your hair out because you absolutely have not changed your password so why oh why can't you

Where Can I Find a Good Property Deal?

One of the first questions we get asked is: Where can I find a good deal? There are two main processes we are going to look at here. The traditional methods