How To Ask The Right Questions

The questions we ask can be so important and vital to building our property business and reaching the desired outcome. It's about tailoring the questions you ask to the right

Where Can I Find a Good Property deal?

There are two main processes we are going to look at here. The traditional methods of finding the deal, and the non-traditional methods. The traditional methods are what most investors, both

Property Negotiation Strategies

Why is negotiation so important when it comes to property?  Well, it sounds simple, but there's negotiation all the way throughout the process. When you first meet your agent that's going

Investor Mindest

At Property Wealth System, we believe that property is just a game and you have to treat it like a game. How you turn up to the game, and think

Taking Action!

We all know someone who talks a good game about what they're going to do, what they could have done, what they should have done, but should or could won't

Knowledge is Power

Most people when they start out are nervous and fearful, because they don't have all the information or knowledge to make informed decisions. One of the biggest fears when it

What are Lease Options?

If you're new to property, you might not have come across lease options. You might not have heard of this phrase. It's quite a niche strategy that isn't really common

How To Leverage “Good” Debt

This week’s report ties in nicely to last week's report on finance, as the finance that you take out to build your property portfolio should be ‘good debt’. Growing up we