Trading Property

Most of us have watched a TV show where someone buys property at auction, does it up and makes money. 

Simple. What the TV shows don’t show you is that often the buyers have done all the work themselves whilst also working full time and they rarely talk about the cost of money, which in most cases erodes any profit. 

Put simply, it’s good TV but not great business. The Property Wealth System Trading Properties course will show you the real way to make money from flipping or trading properties. This is a great cash injection into your business and a must-do strategy. The course covers: 

The Property Trader Mindset 
Buying and Selling at Auction 
Design for Trading Properties
Running the Numbers
Basic Flip Strategies
Viewing Property
Creating Your Power Team
Creating Value in the Deal
Advanced Strategies
Opportunities in Planning and Development Changes
Planning and Building Control
Creating Your Power Team
Case Studies 
Working with Angels and Joint Venture Partners 
Company Structure and Tax
The Renovation Process, Builders and Defects
The Renovation Process, Builders and Defects
Resources Pack 

This course is an option for your Foundation.

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