How to finance property deals is a common stumbling block that we see in most when they’re starting out in property investing. People often think that they have to save lots of money and wait a long time to be able to invest in their first property. However, it is possible to build a property portfolio regardless of your starting position. 

Whether you’re starting with no money or you have a savings pot, the key is to remove any blocks that may be preventing you from moving forward and reaching your desired property goals. 

As a professional investor, you must understand the various funding methods that can be used so that you can build your property portfolio at pace. As mentioned, there are many different ways of financing a deal which need to be considered. You may not know, but there are strategies out there that you can use so that you don’t need to put any money down to purchase a property. 

When you’re looking at building a portfolio, we can use creative strategies like buying a property for as little as one British pound, with this option as one of many examples. 

One of a professional investor’s favourite strategies is using other people’s money. It’s a win-win strategy which allows you to build your portfolio, but also earns an investor an income with a hands-off approach. 

Let’s not forget about traditional banking or commercial lending which is still a key method in financing a deal. Always ensure that you work with brokers that understand your investment strategy and how property investment works. This will make all the difference in financing the deal. 

Of course, we’re always making sure that any finance strategy mentioned is used in a completely ethical way.

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