At Property Wealth System, we believe that property is just a game and you have to treat it like a game. How you turn up to the game, and think about the game, really does influence the results that you get.

99% of the population have been brought up to believe that they have to work hard for money. They have to stick at school to get the best grades they can, so that they can get the best job, work hard for money, save for a rainy day, don’t get into debt and save for retirement. They’re brought up to believe that if you follow this plan, then life will be great. However, in actual fact, what people find is that this strategy worked around two to three generations ago and it no longer applies in today’s world. The rules of money have completely changed, but everyone’s strategy has stayed the same: work hard for money, save for a rainy day, don’t get into debt and save for retirement.

Unfortunately, if you follow this path you will not become wealthy or have financial security. So, we need to have a different mindset on how we approach investing. This is a really big challenge for most people because it means you have to shift your mindset from everything else that you’ve ever believed or been taught in your life, up into this point.

If you think about the statistic that 99% of global wealth is controlled and owned by 1% of the population, that basically means that 99% of the population are competing for just 1% of the available wealth. So, in order to be successful, you have to do the opposite to the masses, but, that then can lead to feeling a little uncomfortable because it’s something different to what you’re used to doing.

Ultimately, doing the opposite to the masses means thinking differently. So, getting comfortable with the idea of using leverage, such as using other people’s money and being comfortable with making sure that you’re using debt to create wealth. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world are leveraged with multi-million, sometimes multi-billion, pounds and dollars’ worth of debt. Now, that will scare most of you when you hear about that word ‘debt’, but in actual fact when you’re a sophisticated investor and you know how to use debt, you can see it as a very useful tool to create wealth.

Every human being has two voices within them: the ‘critical’ voice at the back of their head and the ‘authentic’ voice that is really the true them. This critical voice is the one that holds you back and it’s the one that really stops you from having the right mindset as an investor. Therefore, we need to be able to turn the volume down on the critical voice and turn the volume up on the authentic real you. The authentic voice tells you that you can achieve all the goals that you want to and that you are worthy of achieving those goals, but this critical voice holds you back.

If someone said to you that the more debt you have, the wealthier you’re going to be, that critical voice starts screaming: ‘that’s crazy, that sounds ludicrous, that can’t be right.’ It’s the voice that says: ‘your bum looks too big in that dress, or why did you say that they’re going to think you’re crazy’. That’s the critical voice, so we really do need to control this voice which will then help our mindset grow to really help us reach our full potential.

One of the biggest areas that really holds people back from getting started, is the belief that they need lots and lots of money to invest in property. The reality is, if you want to be an entrepreneur or a successful investor, you need to change that mindset entirely. So, let’s just look at someone who is successful and use them as an example to demonstrate how they would think. Then you can realise just how ludicrous your old mindset might have been…

If we look at someone like Richard Branson as an example. Let’s say he was to get the opportunity to buy one of his competitors so that they had a bigger market share. Would he go into his online savings account to check if he had enough money to buy that competitor, and if he didn’t have enough money in his bank account would he just say ‘you know what, I’m not buying that competitor, I’m just going to let somebody else buy that competitor and they can take a bigger market share’? 

Of course he wouldn’t.

So, in actual fact when it comes to property investing, most people need to focus on sourcing the quality deals rather than the need for having the money first. This all stems back to your parents and society bringing you up to believe that you need to have the money first before you buy something, and if you have the money first before you buy something, it keeps you out of debt. 

However, if you think about the Richard Branson scenario, what he’s got is a phenomenal opportunity to scale his business and rather than look in his bank account to see if he’s got enough money, what he instead does is use this opportunity to go and raise the money, so he can then scale his business. If we scale that down for us, it’s all about finding the right property deal first (that’s where our focus needs to be) and then learning the skills and tricks and of the trades to raise the money for that opportunity. 

It’s opportunity first, and money second, so if you can get your head around just that one element in your mindset, you will start to see the possibilities of where you can take this business.

In reality there is so much money available out there it’s sickening. Once you learn how to raise money, all you need to do is get yourself a bucket and take as much as you need. Money really will be the least limiting factor in your property business, but that is a huge mindset shift that people struggle to get their heads around. 

If the one thing you take from this is that money is your least limiting factor, and all you need to do is learn how to source the deals that are quality enough for you to then raise the money for, then your business will fly. 

If we believe that life is just one big game and that 1% of the population really enjoy the game because they know the rules ,and if you can work on your mindset to understand the rules that are the opposite to everything else you’ve believed in, then that will really be a step forward in helping you. Your mindset and how you think really does shape the results that you get. If you think something’s going to be difficult, guess what? It’s going to be difficult. If you think it’s absolutely possible and there’s someone out there that has the solution to your problem, then you’re going to find that solution. 

So, have some fun with this. Really challenge yourself on what you’ve believed up into this point and let’s change that mindset to help you reach your full potential.

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