Welcome to Property Wealth System’s A-Z series Of Property Investing. 

       This series is to educate and entertain you, our community of both active and aspirational investors.  We hope you enjoy watching them! 


Buying at auction can be a profitable strategy for property investors.
But what does the reality look like, both before and after the hammer goes down?

B-Buy to let

Buy to Let is a great place to start, particularly if you’re looking to build your portfolio bigger and get into some of the bigger strategies further down the line.


Commercial property is anything that is not a residential dwelling, so this is anything you might
find on your typical high street: things like shops, pubs, clubs or something a bit quirkier, for example churches. 

D-Doing the numbers

You have two roles as a Property Investor: to find the deals and to find the money.

E-Ethical Investing

Ethical Investing means understanding that you can build a strong, sustainable and profitable business, but at the same time always being ethical in your actions.


How to finance property deals is a common stumbling block that we see in most when they're starting out in property investing. 

G-Good Debts

This week’s report ties in nicely to last week's report on finance, as the finance that you take out to build your property portfolio should be ‘good debt’.

        H-Houses of Multiple Occupation

HMO means houses in multiple occupation and this means renting houses to groups of people by the room, rather than the whole house, to an individual tenant or family. 

I-Investor Mindset

At Property Wealth System, we believe that property is just a game and you have to treat it like a game. How you turn up to the game, and think about the game, really does influence the results that you get.

J-Just Flipping Do It

We all know someone who talks a good game about what they're going to do, what they could have done, what they should have done, but should or could won't get results.

K-Knowledge is Power

Most people when they start out are nervous and fearful, because they don't have all the information or knowledge to make informed decisions.


      A mentor is someone who has got experience built up over years, in the field that you're looking to work in. 


      So why is negotiation so important when it comes to property? 


You can’t buy houses without making offers. It’s the first stage in the buying process, but it can often be the most daunting particularly if you are new to property investing.


One of the first questions we get asked is: Where can I find a good deal?


This can be linked and related to asking the right type of question to an estate agent, vendor, or even private investor, to find the correct and detailed information you're looking for.

A-Z-Rent to Rent

Rent-to-rent is one of the strategies that’s possible to apply, even if you’ve got bad credit yourself and for that reason, lots of investors are very interested in understanding how this works. 

Serviced Accommodation 

Serviced accommodation or ‘SA’ as it is often known, is an exciting and flexible strategy that involves renting out property on a short-term basis. 


Now property is not complex, but it is multi-layered. So, as an investment tool, it can deem quite daunting to some.

A-Z-Under Offer

At Property Wealth System, we believe that property is just a game and you have to treat it like a game. How you turn up to the game, and think about the game, really does influence the results that you get.


How do we value property? Well, first of all we value residential property, differently to how we value commercial property.

Wealth Triangle

‘Wealth Triangle’ is a structure and foundation we can relate to and progress through, for the different stages and strategies of property investing. 


       Exits are the end result of your property deal and all about how you're going to actually make your money.

A-Z- Y for Yield

       In simple terms, a yield is the amount of money or profit produced by an investment. It has two elements to it - the original price of the investment and the money earned over a time period. 

A-Z- Zero Nonsense

        It's very common that people like to stretch the truth in some ways from time to time. We as investors (being above board and legitimate), want to make sure that all information we give is true and exact, so we don't want to be telling lies.