Property Investors: Easily Convert One House Into Two Flats

The UK Government announced plans to eliminate planning permission when converting a house into two flats. Read about how this will benefit property investors.

In a strategic move to improve growth in the property market, the UK government has announced plans to eliminate the need for planning permission when converting one house into two flats.

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt revealed this proposal in the Autumn Statement as part of a strategy aimed at reducing bureaucracy and boosting the housing market.

The new rule, termed a 'permitted development right' (which means the most significant changes someone can make to a home without needing planning permission), allows property owners to make this conversion without altering the external appearance of the building.

While hailed as a game-changer by supporters, the initiative has sparked debate, with concerns raised about its potential impact on communities and housing diversity.

Unlocking Opportunities for Property Investors:

For property investors, this proposed change opens a gateway to unprecedented opportunities. The ability to convert a single dwelling into two flats without navigating the traditional planning permission process presents a streamlined and cost-effective avenue for maximising returns on investment.

Navigating Permitted Development Rights:

Permitted development rights, as defined by the central government, empower property owners and investors to make significant changes to their homes without the need for a full planning application. This is particularly advantageous for those seeking to avoid the subjective nature, administration, time, and costs associated with traditional planning processes.

Addressing Concerns:

While concerns have been raised about potential community impact, property experts suggest that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks for investors looking to capitalise on this opportunity.

It is important that a balanced approach is taken that considers the character of the area along with practical concerns like parking.

The proposed changes are similar to existing permitted development rights, such as those allowing building height extensions and office-to-flat conversions, both of which faced initial scepticism. Yet, property experts suggest that when implemented correctly, these changes can unlock hidden value in existing properties.

Benefits for Investors, Homeowners, and Renters:

The proposed amendments to permitted development rights offer a plethora of benefits for property investors, homeowners, and renters alike. Here's a closer look at how each stands to gain:


Converting a single home into two flats presents an attractive proposition for investors seeking to maximise returns. The potential for increased rental income or profitable sales in selected areas makes this an amazing opportunity. Bypassing the red tape of seeking planning permission means these conversions will be quicker and more cost effective.


The streamlined conversion process allows homeowners to unlock a higher value of their properties without navigating complex planning procedures. This will not only benefit them financially by offering another income stream if they decide to rent one flat and live in the other, but also contributes to the overall vibrancy of the housing market.


With an acute shortage of affordable housing, the proposed changes could alleviate pressure on the rental market. The increased supply of smaller, more affordable properties can provide viable options for renters, fostering a more balanced and sustainable housing ecosystem.

Addressing Concerns and Ensuring Quality:

While the proposed changes offer substantial benefits, there are valid concerns about potential drawbacks, such as a shortage of larger homes, the quality of conversions and cowboy investors cutting corners and making properties unsafe. However, property experts assert that careful control and oversight can mitigate these risks.

By involving planning offices and local authorities in the decision-making process, the government can strike a balance between facilitating property development and safeguarding community interests. Checks and balances, similar to those in place for extensions and loft permissions, can ensure that the implementation of permitted development rights is both strategic and sustainable.

Seizing the Opportunity: Why Become a Property Investor:

For aspiring property investors, the proposed changes to permitted development rights offer a compelling reason to enter the market. Here are key points to consider:

Maximised Returns:

Converting a single property into two flats provides an avenue for maximising returns on investment, with the potential for increased rental income or flipping the property and selling for a bigger profit than for a single house.

Streamlined Processes:

The elimination of planning permission requirements streamlines the conversion process, reducing administrative burdens and associated costs.


Property investors can diversify their portfolios by capitalising on the trend of converting existing homes into multiple flats, tapping into the growing demand for smaller, more affordable properties.

Market Responsiveness:

The proposed changes align with the evolving dynamics of the housing market, where flexibility and adaptability are increasingly valued. Investors who embrace these shifts position themselves to thrive in a dynamic property landscape.

As the UK government tries to simplify home conversions, property investors stand at the forefront of a transformative opportunity.

The proposed changes to permitted development rights offer a pathway to unlock hidden value, contribute to housing market vibrancy, and address pressing challenges such as housing shortages.

For those considering becoming property investors, it is now time to seize the opportunity presented by these upcoming changes.

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