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Property Wealth System Webinar.

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1 hour 30 minutes + Q&A

Want to quit your 9-5? Become your own boss? Create a nest egg for the future? Achieve financial freedom? Have more time, choice and wealth? Property investing can help you do all of this plus more.

Benefits of attending.

Connecting with your audience. Join us as we discuss how to choose the right channels.
Create messaging that makes you stand out, and using tactics that not only catch attention but turn clicks into customers.

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With the shifting global economy, there’s never been a better time to earn what you deserve...and having your first funnel built & launched is the key to making it happen!

Attention: Learn to build your first FUNNEL, starts On...

Dates to be announced!


Kane Baron

Kane is the lead trainer at the UK's largest Podcast training company as well as head of growth at Progressive media. Kane helps creators monetise their message & generate leads into their business through content.


Kane will walk you through step by step on what makes funnels so successful here at Progressive.

Learn the secrets on how Progressive has done £250m in sales and how you can implement the same strategy
Master the core 4 of lead generations (ads, content, referrals, cold outreach)
Learn multiple different types of funnels and get guidance on the best one for you
Learn the system you need to set up an online funnel business that could make you millions

Sarah McDermott

“I have always had the most excruciating fear of public speaking. But as somebody who wants to give service and value to the world, I decided to get over myself, and to take this step to lifting my fears. It’s done more than that, it’s allowed me to literally lift my lid - let my confidence out.”

Richard Stone

“So pleased to have completed this amazing course. A massive journey personally and professionally. I want to build on my communication and presenting skills with the aim to be able to help and support people in property with the Project Management of their project.”

Secret Weapon

Monetise what you already know, and make huge sums of money.

Tricks & Tips

Learn the secrets of the industry which others want to remain secret.


How strategic planning can turn your business into a crowd-pleaser.

Boosting Tactics

Explore tactics to drive engagement and gain more conversions.


The right Platforms where your business should be hanging out.

Magic of Messaging

Unveil the magic of messaging, speaks to Hearts - Not Just Heads


Learning Outcomes:

Get ready for an informative session that will leave you with the tools needed to launch your business into the spotlight!

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Great Pleasure
"It was a great pleasure attending this event. I got the change to learn a lot new stuff such as increasing your self esteem and being able to get past doubts I have had about myself. this was a great experience and I would love to attend more events like these as it really helped me in many different ways. thanks to Rob Moore and his colleagues for the experience."

Hanane Addou
"I would like the flexibility they have in help the other and understanding people situations and their feelings. A very good and positive team who create a nice environment around you who help you to take action. Thank you for opportunity of all the courses the team make it possible for everybody."

Camelia Brinzei
Highly Recommended!
"Rob Moore and team are the real deal; over delivering in value, content, quality and wisdom. I've great respect for Rob, using his platforms for humanity's good, his messages reflecting a consciousness needed in today's world and his great humour. Having studied with them for a while, I've found every session to be brilliant. Highly recommended!"

Nyali Muir
Supports Me
"I am very grateful that I found a company that supports me at every step, that is guiding and helping me grow. I highly recommend it, If you would like to be educated by people that they did it by themselves and show you how to scale up without doing the mistakes they did. I truly believe that having the right guidance I can achieve my goals faster!"

Ilioara Ormenisan
"I went to this event in Peterborough this weekend and it was incredible! Rob, Jessen and Matt made a fantastic team and the energy and inspiration was way beyond what I had hoped for. The team did a great job of organising and looking after everyone and I can't wait to start the EBS."

Level of Expertise
"I’ve attended a number of seminars run by Rob Moore and the team at Progressive. Their level of expertise across all areas relating to property, money/wealth, and mindset is second to none, and they’re also a lovely, friendly bunch of people! They have a ton of exceptional courses for all ability/experience I thoroughly recommend them!"


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Kane Baron

Kane helps creators monetise their message & generate leads into their business through content. Kane builds brands and works with independent creators to make them the authority in their niche.


Toni Gargan

Toni loves public speaking and training and aims to educate as many people as possible within the arena of Public Speaking through hosting training events such as the Expert Speaker Revolution and her podcast “Presenting, Pitching and Public Speaking”.
Toni began her entrepreneurial career through property investment and raised millions of pounds in JV finance to purchase her multi-million pound property portfolio she shares with her husband, Chris. Through property investment and her love of public speaking Toni retired from her HR job by the age of 33 and now spends her time training people through public speaking, increasing her property portfolio and spending time with her family.


Paul Becque

Paul’s three-decade career as a speaker began aboard cruise ships, where he acquired his skills in audience engagement and storytelling. Transitioning from ships to shopping TV, Paul cultivated the art of making impactful presentations and achieved remarkable sales success. In 2015, whilst scaling his coaching practice, Paul attended a Progressive event and discovered the formidable ‘Expert Speaker’ system. He immersed himself in the intensive training and fully integrated the powerful framework and underpinning strategies, which significantly accelerated his success.

Today, Paul’s training methodology blends practical lessons with insightful feedback, and draws from his international speaking experiences. His focus is on empowering individuals to realise their potential and achieve their goals as a speaker. Paul is a sought-after coach, renowned for his connection with audiences and the ability to leave a transformative impact simply by speaking.