What is the most common reason that people struggle to get into property investing? What is the most common excuse, or fear, that people have?

Normally, the two biggest excuses are:

Number 1 – “I haven’t got the money to get started in property, or to begin investing.”

Number 2 – “I haven’t got the time”

The money excuse is normally a self-belief issue. People think “I need to have £100,000 sat in the bank before I go and buy a house”, but the truth is people don’t need anywhere near that much money. You can start your property journey far more quickly by using other people’s money. The money excuse is just that, and it’s do with a lack of knowledge. That’s the reason that people hold back.

The time excuse is different. People don’t actually realise that a team is crucial in helping to invest. People wrongly assume that they will be required to do absolutely everything. Professional investors make use of a complete power team – a professional power team, a local power team, and lettings agents – so it’s not actually as much of a time-intensive business as people think.

These common excuses are basically the result of mis-education and misunderstanding. 

The biggest fear is loss – fear of loss, of making a mistake, and of getting things wrong. Properly-trained property students know how to overcome these issues and have the necessary tools ready to go. 

The irony is that people seem to say that they can’t invest in property because they don’t have the money, but also harbour the fear that they will lose the wealth they’ve worked so hard to build.  That if they branch out to do something different, they’ll lose it.

This isn’t the case. 

If you know what you’re doing, you don’t have to risk anything. All of the preparation you do before going into a deal is mitigation against this risk of loss.

Properly-trained property students recognise the importance of the two exit strategy in order to keep all parties protected. This ensures that everyone knows the outcome of a deal before entering into it. Any doubts, fears or excuses ultimately boil down to a lack of knowledge, and a lack of understanding about property investment strategies.

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Jessica Mcnamara