We all know someone who talks a good game about what they’re going to do, what they could have done, what they should have done, but should or could won’t get results.

A successful property investor, like any entrepreneur, needs to take action. You need to ignite your inner driver and take what your inner analyst has provided, and really put it to the test. You can sit and stare at spreadsheets and vision boards, but without action those valuable things lose meaning.

But, don’t be a busy fool. Are the things you are doing getting results? We all love KPIs and you know why, because when the KPIs are yours it leads to your goals being achieved, so you learn to love them too.

So, would you say you are in a driver or an inner analyst? With an inner drive you tend to take action more fluidly, however with an inner analyst you will have more of an analytical nature so it’s definitely useful to switch the inner drive on and turn it up a little bit.

Some really good advice from a serial entrepreneur and business owner is that at the end of each day, when the working day was done, he just did one more thing and that’s the difference that makes the difference. But what makes him, and other successful people take action where others do not? Confidence? Drive? Courage? Well others are not born with more of these qualities than you, they just engage them, and they turn the dial up. 

If you’re more of an analyst, you need to turn your dial up and take that action, whereas for an inner driver, the action comes more naturally to you. Just know what sort of person you are and tailor your behaviour around that, because sometimes you will have to turn that dial up and just get on with it.

This is where a really supportive environment such as the ‘Property Wealth System’ community can really help. We share three mantras to keep that action (and the results that follow), as positive as possible. They are TTP: talk to people, SCTTF: stay close to the fire and KTA: keep taking action, because action is so important. So those three mantras: talk to people, stay close to the fire, and keep taking action, what do we mean by them? So, you basically learn from others. It’s important to keep up to date but most importantly just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. Make sure you’re in the right peer group surrounded by like-minded individuals and with the right power team around you, you can achieve everything.

Remember the old proverb: ‘How do you eat an elephant?’ Well, one bite at a time. ‘How do you

achieve your goals? One action at a time. Only by taking action on your KPI’s, will your goals be achieved. Once you start to take action, once you get that momentum going, you just get into a flow and your experiences make you more resilient and more able to maintain a positive mental attitude. You get that investor mindset that was talked through last week.

Whether you Have You Always Wanted to Invest In Property, But Not Sure Where to Start or are already A Property Investor But Want To Take It To The Next Level finding a property mentor is vital to your success as a property investor.

With COVID 19, BREXIT and an impending recession it has never been a more important time to educate yourself. 

With job security at the forefront of many peoples’ minds, having more than one source of income is vital. 

The Property Wealth System is a collective of active investors who have reached their goals following this system and want to help you achieve the same for you and your family.

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