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Alex’s Story:

Oil & Gas Engineer (and self confessed petrol head!)

After leaving school at 17 years old Alex went straight into the oil and gas industry as an electrical apprentice and thrived in many roles o shore until he was diagnosed with strobe induced epilepsy which prevented him from working o shore again.

His career extended 29 years working in top respected roles in the industry and he weathered 3 ups and downs in the oil and gas sector.

Alex saved up and bought a  at to bolster his pension and he chuckles about how he paid through the nose for it because he didn’t know what he was doing.

This purchase sparked his interest in property and when things at work became unpleasant, he wondered if pursuing property investing more seriously was an option. He just didn’t know how he was going to get the next deposit for his purchases.

Alex’s wife Lynne, saw an advert for a free property seminar and encouraged Alex to attend. Alex admits he was very cynical and had low expectations on what would be covered, but he was the  first person to enrol for the 3 day intensive course!

Lynne accompanied Alex on the course and while she supported him, she was not interested in property and worried far too much about the money and what could go wrong. Alex meanwhile was blown away about how leverage could speed up his investment strategy and was keen to leave his job straight away! The Tuesday after the course he ‘sacked his boss’ and embarked on his investing full time.

Was it worth?

“Absolutely!” - Alex.

Best Deal So Far:

Off market ‘ flip’ (Trading Property) which produced £31,926 profit.Alex said that deal alone paid him back all his property training costs and still gave him profit.

Biggest Challenge:

Alex found the mindset around raising money the toughest challenge

Advice For New Investors:

“The whole education system is the key but it is only truly powerful when you implement it through action. If you can  find a way to overcome your fear and believe you can do it, you will be successful,” - Alex.

Emma’s Story:

Working mum looking for a better way

After having her daughter Faith, Emma negotiated to work 2-3 days a week but found she was on call 24/7 since she was covering a global sales position where she was needed all the time! Faith was the  rst child in nursery and last to be picked up.

She had worked for her boss for years and he trusted her implicitly to deliver great results in her job but she had to  fight and negotiate for everything. Emma released equity from her home and bought a flat and was delighted with the results but thought “now what?” She didn’t know how to buy more.

2 years later Emma found herself on a 3 day intensive course which she attended with her boss, who had been in property for years, and her brother.

Emma was determined to go further with her property education while and her boss and brother tried to persuade her not to. There was a lot of emotions that weekend for Emma and it goes to show just how much this meant to her. Her boss even called her every day for 5 days after the course to try and change her mind that property was not for her while her brother had told her entire family what she had invested. She really had to dig deep to believe she was doing the right thing and recognises everyone has their own paths they take.

Emma threw herself into all the learnings and did everything she was told to do. She bought a property before her mentorship but when she showed that property to her mentor, he found an extra pro t centre for her which lead to her making an extra £600 per month!!! Her family was her WHY. “It had to work”

She bought 3 HMOs in her  first 12 months which gave her £3,800 cash ow every month. 12 months to the day after she attended that 3 day intensive course, she sat down with the same boss who tried to dissuade her against this investment journey, and served him 3 months notice.

Biggest Challenge:

Emma had to deal with all the negative people around her including her family, telling her not to do while also dealing with her lack of the self belief that she could do this on her own.

Best Deal So Far:

7 bedroomed HMO
Purchase Price £270,000
Revaluation £450,000
Refurb £25,000
Cash ow £2,000 per month

Advice For New Investors:

“If you are not in pain you are not going to take action. I made a decision for my family and put myself under real pressure to pay back the money I invested in my education which created my pain, it had to work,” - Emma.

Emma’s favourite quote:

“She believed she could, so she did”

Gary & Michelle’s Story:

Professional Footballer & Analyst in Financial Services

Michelle chose a career as an analyst in financial services because she believed it was a sensible move and would provide income for her future. However after having her children she realised, she had missed an awful lot of their early years due to her time consuming job and felt trapped by her ‘golden handcuffs’.

Gary lived out his life long dream of being a professional footballer until the age of 32 when he moved into sales and found himself as a property valuer in an estate agency. Although they were making a decent income, they recognised their income would not grow in the way they needed it to and they felt stuck in the rat race. 

The tipping point for them both was losing Gary’s parents who worked hard all their lives and Gary and Michelle wanted to start living in the moment and appreciating everything in life.

They set out the goal to buy a couple of buy to let properties for their pension but after attending a 3 day intensive course they realised they could turn property investing into a business!

“Investing in our property education was a big decision but we looked at how much we had spent on replacing our windows and on holidays the previous year and realised that money was gone now and if we wanted holidays like that again, the money had to come from somewhere.”

Their mentor pushed them out of their comfort zones by challenging them to think bigger and to change their investment area. They loved how they could watch and learn how a professional investor carries out viewings which also helped build their confidence they were following the correct process.

They submitted 12 offers on the mentorship which helped them secure 2 deals. “we were comfortable doing 1 deal but to do 2 at once was really stretching us” says Michelle “then we found ourselves juggling 4 refurb projects at the same time!”

They bought 6 deals in 8 months and have kept the momentum but leading to Gary leaving his job and being a full time property investor. The next goal is to get Michelle out of her job which should happen in 6 months time.

Biggest Challenge:

Gary - doing the  first deal, having so many doubts in your head and being impatient to get it going
Michelle – having the right mindset around raising money

Best Deal So Far:

On market deal that went to a closing date. Their offer was the lowest but the vendor wanted to sell the property to them!

Purchase Price    £65,000
Revaluation         £115,000
Refurb                    £15,250
Paid                         £1,246
Fees/Stamp         £4,754
Cashflow              £360 per month

Advice For New Investors:

Gary“Back yourself, know it is possible. While you’ll feel like a rabbit in the headlights at the start, follow the system and in a year you wont believe what you’ve achieved”
Michelle“Take small actions every day which set you up for success”

They love the quote:

“Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone is today”

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