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Quit The Rat Race, Become Your Own Boss & Retire Early With Property Investing.

Date & Time

20th June 2024 - 7:00pm

Webinar Length

1 hour 30 minutes + Q&A

Do you want to quit your 9-5? Become your own boss? Create a nest egg for the future? Achieve financial freedom? Have more time, choice and wealth? Property investing can help you do all of this plus more.

Benefits of attending.

Proven Step-by-Step Formula for Success.
The Easiest Ways to Start Your Own Property Empire.
Unlock The MINDSET Of A Successful Property Investor.
Why It's Always A Good Time To Invest In Property.
How To Raise Finance.
Take Back Financial Control.

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Property is one of the safest investments you can make. With the right education to avoid any pitfalls you can thrive and prosper, even during difficult times. At Property Wealth System we are taking the property education to the next level.




Caroline Claydon

International Speaker - ACCA Qualified Coach, Multi-Million-Pound Property Investor, Trainer & Mentor

Why attend?

Book your spot in this exclusive property investing webinar to learn our proven to be successful, step-by-step system that creates wealth through property.

With high inflation, interest rates and the cost of living crisis it has never been a more important time to educate yourself.
With job security at the forefront of many people’s minds, having more than one source of income is vital.
At Property Wealth System we are taking the property education experience to the next level and will guide you along the way.

Sarah McDermott

“I have always had the most excruciating fear of public speaking. But as somebody who wants to give service and value to the world, I decided to get over myself, and to take this step to lifting my fears. It’s done more than that, it’s allowed me to literally lift my lid - let my confidence out.”

Richard Stone

“So pleased to have completed this amazing course. A massive journey personally and professionally. I want to build on my communication and presenting skills with the aim to be able to help and support people in property with the Project Management of their project.”

Property Investors.

Created a system, over 25 years to develop multi million pound portfolios.


Make you profit even when the property market is being uncertain.

Help You.

Get the best strategy for passive income and capital growth whilst purchasing properties.

Other's Money.

Raising private finance, invest using other people's money.


Learn from the best to develop the mindset of a successful property investor at PWS.

Your Future.

Create and protect your long term wealth and secure your future.


Safest Investment.

No property investing experience and were able to achieve their first deal within 8 months of their first training session.

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Welcoming and inspirational
"I have never been so inspired by a course to make the steps to change and take control. Caroline and the team made me feel welcome, at ease and delivered a huge content of knowledge, strategies, and information of all you need to start your path in property. I would whole heartedly recommend this course to anyone thinking of taking it, experienced in property or otherwise! Its brilliant! "

Mr M Bishop
You are not going to regret
"Very inspiring, informative, and full of energy! Caroline is absolutely amazing and very knowledgeable. You are not going to regret joining this course. It gets you thinking about what you really want to achieve for yourself. It really helps me reflect on my own life goals and get me ready for the next steps. "

Cindy Tse
Learn from the BEST
"I always wanted to invest in properties but I am glad I didn’t. Because I didn’t have the knowledge to do so. PWS gave me a clear structured understanding to fulfill my dreams to become a property investor. The team is not only professional investors but also excellent mentors. They are with you throughout the entire journey and answers all your questions/ doubts, until you are crystal clear. A big THANK YOU to the BRILLIANT and PASSIONATE team of PWS."

Shantashre Sinha Roy
PWS Journey
"PWS has had a positive impact on my life in many different ways from self improvement, to creating new multiple streams of income. I know I have been helped throughout with my property journey by the mentors and they have inspired me in many different ways, even after completing the course I still have access to all the mentors their experience and advice. I have met many great like minded people through PWS that have increased my drive to carry on and strive for success. It has been an amazing journey and I am very hopeful for the future!!"

Hisham Khan
"The team at Property Wealth System were great. They are are all so passionate about property, and each individual team member had a speciality in a certain area. The course is full of so much information and knowledge. Its clear that this all comes from hands on experience that they still use. It is also very clear that they are passionate about helping others achieve greatness and pass on their expertise. They want you to succeed."

Mahmood Burgess

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Caroline Claydon

Hi, I’m Caroline. I’m a mum of boys and 2 beautiful westies (they're my favourite - is that allowed?!) I am a property investor that quit corporate life in 2006 cause I hated working for ‘the man’. I’ve been on stage training and motivating people to do the same for over 11 years and have learnt so much I want to break everything down into bite size chunks.

Motivating, coaching and mentoring people is what I love. I’m doing this blog to share all the teachings I’ve learnt in property, business, entrepreneurship, mindset, and frankly juggling it all with real life!

My promise to you is I will keep it real. No flashy showing off about how great or easy being an investor or business owner is.

My goal this year is to put myself out there (I’d rather be on stage in front of 10,000 people than be on social media!) so I can promote the online video courses I plan to give to charities for free. It’s time to give back in a way that has lasting effects rather than just giving money.


Toni Gargan

Toni loves public speaking and training and aims to educate as many people as possible within the arena of Public Speaking through hosting training events such as the Expert Speaker Revolution and her podcast “Presenting, Pitching and Public Speaking”.
Toni began her entrepreneurial career through property investment and raised millions of pounds in JV finance to purchase her multi-million pound property portfolio she shares with her husband, Chris. Through property investment and her love of public speaking Toni retired from her HR job by the age of 33 and now spends her time training people through public speaking, increasing her property portfolio and spending time with her family.


Paul Becque

Paul’s three-decade career as a speaker began aboard cruise ships, where he acquired his skills in audience engagement and storytelling. Transitioning from ships to shopping TV, Paul cultivated the art of making impactful presentations and achieved remarkable sales success. In 2015, whilst scaling his coaching practice, Paul attended a Progressive event and discovered the formidable ‘Expert Speaker’ system. He immersed himself in the intensive training and fully integrated the powerful framework and underpinning strategies, which significantly accelerated his success.

Today, Paul’s training methodology blends practical lessons with insightful feedback, and draws from his international speaking experiences. His focus is on empowering individuals to realise their potential and achieve their goals as a speaker. Paul is a sought-after coach, renowned for his connection with audiences and the ability to leave a transformative impact simply by speaking.