Invest In Property Now? Or Wait For The Property Crash?

On one hand, if you are a property investor or looking to get into property you need to have the philosophy of “always be buying” or “always be ready to buy”. 

You should be consistently viewing properties with estate agents and making sure that the market knows you are visible and ready to buy. 

However, you don’t want to buy at today’s price. Today’s property prices are likely to be more than tomorrow’s prices, in the current market. 

How do you combat the fact that you’re supposed to be ready to invest now, but you don’t want to invest in today’s prices? You simply make lower offers.

You want to buy any kind of asset at the moment - you offer low. 

Every deal works at the right price. Some people panic over it’s the wrong time to invest in the property market and interest rates are really high and there’s going to be a crash, but everything will work at the right price. 

Investors are saying property deals don’t work just now to be profitable - correct, they don’t work at today’s price, that’s why you have to be offering tomorrow’s price. 

You should always forward price in a correction, recession or depression. You should always be on a look out for deals, then you will always be in the market and the deals should find you. You just need to know how to buy.

When the property market is going up, you add value, to increase value. When the property market is going down you offer below market value to forward price in dropping prices. 

There’s always a way to buy. You can buy in an aggression or recession, in a rising market or falling market, you just need to know how. 

Too many people are waiting for the perfect deal, the perfect time and the bottom of the market which means they either miss it or it never comes so they never buy.

Should you invest now or wait? You should always be investing today, but in today's market you should be offering tomorrow’s prices.

What if you don’t have a lot of money to invest in property? Or, what if you don’t know what properties to invest in? What if you don’t know how to invest in property? 

You might not have the resources, but you can have the resourcefulness. You might not have the money but you have the time and the desire to learn how to invest in property.

If you don’t know how to invest in property right now, you’re about to get WIPED OUT in the coming recession and property crash because savvy investors will pounce and you will get left behind.

Experts are predicting that the oncoming recession might actually be a depression and it’s going to be longer and worse than the 2008 recession.

What you need to do is not get ready for when it hits, instead already be ready. You need to learn how to invest in property and learn the different property investing strategies that are available to you and best suit your circumstances.

Most importantly, you need to make, manage and multiply money so that you can buy assets that create recurring and passive income. 

Remember more millionaires are made in recessions than at any other time in the cycle. 

Do you want to join them? 

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Is now a good time to buy? Is it a good time to invest in property? 

Should you invest in property now or wait for the market to crash?

The answer is both….or neither. Let us explain.

So many people are waiting for the very bottom of the property market. Most people know that a recession or possibly even a depression is coming. 

People like to wait to time the property market so that it hits the bottom before they invest. But, that usually means, they never get in, because you can never time the property market to be exactly what you want it to be. 

Waiting for it is a risk.

You never know when it’s reached the bottom, you’ll always be waiting. It’s never too late to start, but it’s always too late to wait. 

We would say you don’t want to wait. BUT, right now, lending on a mortgage is fixed at 7%, which is pretty high. This means that many deals might not work now on current prices. 

So there is a current dilemma. To invest now, or to wait? 

The answer is, you should do both.